Yaolin's Profile

Ph.D. candidate at NTNU. "Embrace the unknown, explore the uncharted, and discover the extraordinary"


901, Sentralbygg 2,

Alfred Getz' vei 1,

Trondheim, Norway

Yaolin Ge is a passionate adventurer with an unbridled love for the ocean and all things related to technology. He finds solace and purpose in exploring new experiences, indulging in outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing. His devotion to nature has driven him to pursue his dreams, including a Ph.D. in oceanic sciences at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Yaolin’s work on the MASCOT project aims to achieve autonomous sampling for different ocean properties using versatile approaches such as statistical modeling, AUV sampling, and satellite sensing. He has also received recognition for his accomplishments in sports, including Taekwondo and Undervannsrugby.


Jun 26, 2023 We have lost an underwater vehicle called Thor
Mar 1, 2023 My personal webpage finally got online! :sparkles: :smile:
Sep 11, 2022 MASCOT successfully launched its MAFIA mission! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: